GetResponse Web Conference Services Review

Webinar Services Review is a must read for anyone who is interested in these services. In fact, GetResponse actually outperformed all other companies in the same categories as customer service, technical support staff and the year's best use of technological innovation in customer service. So what went wrong? Is GetResponse just another tech company that made a mistake in launching their webinar services? Read on to find out.

Let us start with the marketing part and move to the features and benefits that you can get from using GetResponse. Their webinars are the biggest attraction that attracted many new participants to their services. They promise a chance to have an "Aha" moment, which basically means you will understand something new. The main selling point of webconferencing is giving 500 people the opportunity to learn and implement solutions to problems in their organization. The sales representatives at GetResponse promise to deliver and they did deliver.

Let us now move on to the usability of the program. Even though webconferencing is still considered to be one of the newest forms of communication, this program had already gained enough popularity that most people consider it to be a complete solution. There were several issues such as not being able to record your voice and not being able to see the person next to you, but with GetResponse, these problems were solved. In fact, webinars are quite easier to conduct compared to the conventional ones.

This webinar services review also mentions the customer service that was provided by GetResponse. There was a need for them to develop this feature since the service is meant to be conducted by people and not by software. There was a constant need for feedback and reports from customers regarding the efficiency of webinars and the improvements were continuously made. With the help of their customer support team, they also addressed other issues that were quite common among webinars.

Another positive aspect that we can draw from this webinar services review is the automated solutions that were provided by GetResponse. Even if there were issues such as technical problems or other problems with the connection, GetResponse handled these matters professionally and effectively. The automatic recording of webinars was another great service provided by GetResponse. In addition, the software was designed in a way that attendees can easily register and be automatically notified about the upcoming webinar. In addition, even if there are technical problems with the connection, GetResponse had already developed ways to solve these problems. They have also updated their system with the latest technology so that things will run smoothly in the future.

As mentioned earlier, there were some issues regarding the scalability of webinars. Although webinars are quite cheap to host and provide the benefit of getting a large number of participants, scalability is a major issue that has to be resolved. A limitation of 500 people being able to attend a webinar does not sound like a big deal but when you compare this to the number of tickets you need to purchase for each individual attendee, you can definitely see the impact of this problem. Fortunately, GetResponse made this problem a big one. They have integrated scalability into their webcasting solution and provided a feature called Enforce High Quality Tickets so that the problem of scalability is solved permanently. As you can see from the previous section, more time and resources were saved because several problems were solved automatically.

The webinar services offered by GetResponse are very user-friendly. Before you register and order, you just have to follow few easy steps and within a matter of minutes, you will be able to enjoy live webcasting. Their web conferencing tool allows you to easily embed HTML5 video into your web presentation so that audience members will be able to share it using popular video viewing and chat platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You will not need any special software or plug-ins to embed the videos in your web conferencing page. This feature of GetResponse web conferencing makes it highly usable and convenient for everyone.

Getting Started Now: As you get started using webinars to promote your products and services, it is likely that you will face problems and difficulties. It is important that you take note of these issues and find ways to solve them as soon as they arise. In addition, it is important that you give yourself enough time to prepare and conduct webinars. Remember that you should always begin with a product demonstration and conclude with a product review. This is the best way to ensure that your audience will have a great experience while listening to your presentation and participating in your webinars.